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Hazrat Al Kabir

The birth of Hazrat Al Kabir itself was a miracle. Hazrat’s father Moulana Mir Ni'amatullah was not blessed with a child for many years after His marriage. One day His wife had a dream. Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shahid Badusha of Erwadi appeared and asked her to come to Erwadi for ziyarat to have an offspring.Moulana Meer Ahmedh Ibrahim (Hazrat Al Kabir) was born 3 years thereafter with the blessings of Sulthan Syed Ibrahim shaheed.

Meer Ahamadh Ibrahim (Periya Hazrat) left his home for a madarasa to pursue an eduction. He was among the slow learners in his class. One day his teacher scolded him for being a poor student. The teacher also insisted Hazrat Meer Ahmad Ibrahim rahmatullah to leave the Madarasa the very next morning, as the teacher found him unfit to continue studying at the madarasa. Periya Hazrat was very sad about this and was worried what could he do after going home? and went to bed with deep sadness after praying Allah.

That night Hazrat had a dream. A mass of people were running, and Periya Hazrat asked as where they all are going? People replied as they are going to see Allah jalla sha'nuhu wa Ta'ala's Tajalli….

Periya Hazrat too joined and went with them. When they reached a place, at the top of a small Hill, Allah jal..’s Tajalli was glittering very glorily and everyone who were available there enjoyed it. A voice came towards Moulana Mir Ahmad Ibrahim (Periya Hazrat) as, what you wished is given.

It was early morning and was time for Subah prayers, when Hazrat woke up from bed. Now Periya Hazrat’s teacher, asked him again to leave the madharasa. He also added, “Yesterday i told you to go, because you were unfit to learn, but today i need you to leave the madarasa as I am not qualified enough to teach you.”

This is how Moulana Meer Ahmad Ibrahim (Periya Hazrath) Rahmathullah Alaihi got educated.

Al waliiyul kaamil Periya Hazrat then returned to His home town Madurai , and both Peiiya Hazrat & Chinna Hazrat started a madarasa to educate muslims from all over Tamil Nadu. Many scholars of Islam in tamilnadu were Madurai Hazrat's students, and those scholars in turn started madarassas all over Tamilnadu. For of His outstanding wisdom and expertise in the Islamic Fiqh laws Hazrath Mir Ahamadh Ibrahim Rahmatullahi alaihi was appointed as the Govt.Chief Kazi of Madurai by the then British govt. in India. He served excelentlly with both Khilafatship and with Kaziship and added Glory to Islam in Madurai and other parts of Tamilnadu Periya Hazrat died in the year 1872, at the age of 63.

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