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Hazrat As Saghir

Right from his birth and during childdhood days, Al waliyyul Kaamil Moulana Meer Amjad Ibrahim (Hazrat As Saghir) was Almighty fearing and was along with his brother Al waliyyul Kaamil Periya Hazrat in spreading Islamic education to the students from all over southern TamilNadu. There were a lot of followers (Muhibs) of these Hazrats in a nearby locality called Nelpettai Pattaraikaara Street belonging to sungam Pallivasal which is located at the southern bank of river vaigai. Hazrat As Saghir (Chinna Hazrat) used to go to this area to educate these people. One fine day, Moulana Meer Amjad Ibrahim ( Chinna Hazrat ) was having a walk and was reciting some tasbeeh at the bank of river vaigai after giving them a lecture after Asar. Suddenly,a creature appeared before Chinna Hazrt, seeing which hazrat got stunned. He asked Chinna Hazrat to open his mouth, and hazrat did so. Suddenly He spat on Hazrat's mouth. Reverting himself, Chinna Hazrat asked, Who are you brother? reply came from that person as "i am Qizar, and you just swallow it". Right after this incident Chinna Hazrat was in extreme to his wilayat.

There are lot of miracles shown by various Messengers of Allah (Messengers of Islam)(Mu'jizaa) as mentioned in Qur'aan, and our beloved Prophet being the last messenger of Allah, the work done by those messengers of Allah in showing the right path to the people are carried forward by Waliyullahs who are mostly the heirs of our beloved prophet. Millions of waliyullahs have exhibited billions of miracle (karaamaat). Chinna Hazrat being one such waliyullah has exhibited lot of Karaamaat.

Once, a mureed of Chinna Hazrat in SriLanka was struggling to breathe, as some food got struck in his vocal chord while eating. Suddenly he shouted, Yaa Sheikh, help me..! Within a few seconds, Chinna Hazrat could make his presence there in Srilanka, to help him. It took some few months for that Mureed to come to Madurai and thank Hazrat for his timely help.

Also, Khalwat Nayagam, who belonged to a traditional family in Keelakarai, Ramanathapuram District,Tamil Nadu,. India, had a wish of going to Srilanka for his business. His Father, Imaam Al Aroos, Maappilai Lebbai Aalim Rahmatullah, adviced his son to go to madurai, to seek blessings from the Madurai Hazrats who are descendants (Awlads) of prophet Muhammad, before leaving for business. Khalwat Nayagam, came to madurai and met Moulana Meer Amjad Ibrahim (Chinna Hazrat) Rahmatullah and sought blessings for his business trip. Chinna Hazrat told, "You are not the one will go to Srilanka for Business, instead you will sit inside a dark room" Listening to these words from Hazrat, Khalwat Nayagam started to Keelakarai. On his way back, he was in a dilemma and before reaching hiome, his mind got changed and finally he concluded by sitting in Khalwah for his entire life time. This is only because of the words of Chinna Hazrat.

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