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Hazrat Saalim Waliyullah

The elder son of Moulana Meer Amjad Ibrahim (Chinna Hazrat) was Al Arifbillah Qutbuz zaman Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim (Saalim Hazrat) rahmatullahi Alaihi whose birth itlsef is a miracle. He was very tiny and half a size of a sparrow. Physicians those days told that child will not live, but to their wonder he grew gigantic. He was very much God fearing right from his childhood days. Once, during his childhood days, he was watching a procession which was heading towards a nearby temple with all fun and some musics. Suddenly Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)appeared and said, this is not the objective for which you are born. Realizing the mistake Saalim Hazrat went home.

Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim (Saalim Hazrat) was brought up in an Islamic environment by His father Meer Amjad Ibrahim Hazrat (Hazrat As Saghir) and he was a waliyullah from his birth. One day while Saalim Hazrat was performing ablution in the premises of Kazimir Big Mosque, madurai, a veiled lady appeared before him, and started reciting a Qasida Anaz zehra Fatimatul Batooli, which means "I am Fatimah, The Zehra and Batool". Saalim Hazrat believed that it could be either a Jinn or Shaitan cheating him, and claiming to be his grand mother fatimah. knowing this, Bibi Fatimah, at the end of that Qasida recited these lines. Ana bintur Rasooli wa lastu jinna. Wa ainal jinnu wash shaitaanu minna" which means " I am the daughter of the Prophet and not Jinn (as you doubted), Jinn and Shaitan surely can't take our shapes, and they can't be from us. Realizing the truth, Saalim Hazrat memorised that Qasidah and its still being recited throught by people who love Ahl al-Bayt.

Similarly, Hazrat Imam Ali Akbar son of Hazrat Imam Husain the third imam of the twelvers appeared before Syed AbdusSalaam Ibrahim ( Saalim Hazrat) who is one of the descendants of his sibling Imam Zaynul Aabideen, and recited a Qasida which starts as Lanaa fi Jannatil Ulyaa maqaamu which means For us (Karbala Martyrs)There are Very Higher status in Heaven. This Qasida is also read in some parts of tamil nadu by both sunni and shia.

It was 1297 hijri, 13th of Zil Hijjah Saalim Hazrat, after completing his Dhuhr prayer was waiting for Lunch in his home. Suddenly, a saint with a dark green turban arrived on a large Arabian horse, who was found to be Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed of Erwadi Dargah. Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed recited a Qasida starting as Wa laula ballu saifi bid Dimaa'i, Layab Qal Hindu Kulluhu Fil 'Amaa'ii which means as Had been my sword not soaked in the bloods of thee. This land of India would have gone dark and completed it with 25 couplets. This was accomplished in 3 consecutive days.

Also, Shahul Hameed Abdul Qadir Kanjasawoi Waliyullah of Nagore had also appeared before Saalim waliyullah and recited a Qasida which starts as Karaamaatuna Tajri ala kulli 'aalami which means Our miracles (Wonders) are wide spread all over the universe.

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