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Madurai Maqbara Hazrats

Madurai Maqbara refers to the Dargahs of three Sufi saints: Mir Ahmad Ibrahim, Mir Amjad Ibrahim, and Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim. The Arabic word "Maqbara", which means mausoleum, is derived from the word "qabr", which means grave. Though maqbara refers to the graves of all Muslims, it refers especially to the graves (Raula or Rauza) of religious figures or Waliyullahs who dedicated their life to Islam, striving to be true Muslims and training others to follow Islam as first preached by the Prophet Mohamed.

In Madurai, South Tamilnadu there are many Dargahs of waliyullhas, but the term "Madurai Maqbara" generally refers to the Dargahs of three holy saints: Mir Ahmad Ibrahim, Mir Amjad Ibrahim, and Abdus Salaam Ibrahim. The birth of these three waliyullahs was declared by Hazrat Nabi Sulaiman, the mesenger of Allah, and a genie called Jaimur was deployed by Hazrat Sulaiman to serve these three. The place where these three holy sheikhs' graves are found is called Maqbara and is located in the Premises of Kazimar Big mosque (Periya Pallivasal) which is the second oldest mosque in Tamilnadu constructed by Hazrat Kazi syed Tajuddin who came from Oman in 13th century to preach Islam.


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